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As a member of the ancient, apostolic, Orthodox Christian Church, St. Innocent's is committed to worshiping God in Trinity, helping the community in which it resides, and transforming its members into the people that Christ calls us to be. We love visitors! We welcome all to come and see the Tradition and worship of the Orthodox Church, unchanged since the time of the Apostles.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about St. Innocent Orthodox Christian Church!

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A Message from Father James

For roughly the first 1000 years, all of Christianity was the Orthodox Church established by Christ and handed down directly to His apostles. The current framework of Orthodox Christian worship and community that we practice here was established prior to Roman Catholicism. The unaltered original doctrine of Christian salvation, that Jesus Christ came into the world to redeem us, remains in the Orthodox Church and her sacraments. The original fourth century communion service, the Divine Liturgy, is still served in the Orthodox Church and received by the faithful every week. The ancient, unchanged, and timeless truth of the Orthodox Church is one of the reasons it is still growing as the modern world increasingly shuns spirituality.

The Orthodox Church is structured. It is mystical. It honors the saints who have gone before us and who have lived the faith and had a lasting positive impact. It is ancient, but addresses the same ancient human needs and conditions that still confront us every day, and it provides our salvation through Christ. Orthodox Christianity is the saving ark on the storm-tossed sea of this world with its non-stop crises.

As the pastor of the holy community of St. Innocent Orthodox Church parish, I invite you to experience the timeless wisdom, strength, spirituality, and holiness of the Orthodox Church for yourself. No matter who you are, the Orthodox Church has always been your Church. Come home!

With respect, and In Christ,
Father James Robinson

Feast of the Ascension - 05/25/17

Today is the feast of the Ascension of Christ, which marks the end of the Paschal season. Read more about this feast by clicking below.

Holy Fire makes it to St. Innocent's - 05/23/17

Last week the Holy Fire from Jerusalem made it to St. Innocent's!  Click for more information and pictures.

Daily Scripture Readings Tool! - 04/24/17

We have added the Church's prescribed daily scripture readings to our home page!  Read more by clicking below.

Icons for Kenya - 04/07/17

Christ is in our Midst!
Beloved in Christ,
Attached is a request for paper Icons to send to Kenya! Lynn Day will be collecting these for us to send and would like them by June 10th. This could include icon cards, covers of Christmas cards, calendar pages with icons, and any other paper icons that cold be sent easily.
With respect, and In Christ,
Father James 

New Website - 04/03/17

We at St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Everson, WA have officially launched our new website!  With the help of the folks at Orthodox Web Solutions, our website is now crisper, more modern, easier to use, and more inviting to people curious about the holy community of St. Innocent's.  We pray that this new site will be a ministry to the parishoners of St. Innocent's and provide outreach to those in our local community.  

We invite you to browse around our new site and discover all the exciting updates we have made!

In Christ,
St. Innocent Orthodox Christian Church

Daily Scripture Reading

Third Finding of the Precious Head of St. John the Baptist

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